TTD Anecdote

This is my first post on the board. Thanks to all for the information and discussion on the board. It has definitely changed the way I think about investing.

Anyways, this is more qualitative than anything else, but my cousin works in media buying and had great things to say about TTD. He’s been using the platform for six years and his current firm uses Google’s platform and TTD’s about 50/50. He serves brand name clients. He also said that in his firm and the industry there is a significant push towards connected TV, which obviously TTD hopes to capitalize on.


Thanks for the anecdote. Can you share with us what type of company your cousin works for? Is he with an ad agency, a brand, something else? Just curious.


Sure thing. It’s an international agency. Looks like they’ve got clients across the spectrum with experience in consumer products, entertainment, and retail.

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Thanks, CRE123. This is consistent with what we hear from TTD and your cousin works with their main clientele - ad agencies. Part of the thesis is growth internationally and in CTV. Good to have one outside data point anyway.

Anyway, good to hear from someone who uses their platform.

TTD gave guidance of 43% growth which would be a tick faster than their growth in the same quarter the prior year. I’m looking for a bit over 46% growth on revenues of $150M. That would be a nice little beat, but guidance will be quite important as well. We should get annual guidance I believe. If they were to grow at the same pace which I think would be quite a feat, they would guide to around $700M. Not sure that is realistic though.

In due time…


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