New type of electric unicycle

More energy dense batteries with improved processors has created this new way for people to kill and maim, themselves.

I do not mention this because this is either bad or good, rather to show the unexpected ways that parallel technical advancements can end up producing new products.

I truly believe that human ingenuity is without limit.



It’s not speed that kills, it’s the sudden stop. :wink:

The Captain


Are we watching at a future organ donor?


I think that there is a mathematical relationship that could be made here.
The death rate increases as (at least) the square of your speed.
But it also increases as the number of wheels decreases from 4.



A fool and his life are easily parted

A stupid product designed by people without street knowledge. However, do not dismiss what small transport machines can do! I tried the “GT” version of this

and was instantly enthralled. It is a HIGH TECH SKATEBOARD, whereas the unicycle is a circus act on steroids and drugs.

I happened to live in the Southern California zone where skateboarding was invented in the 50’s, and had one as a 7 year old in 1958. I was the only skateboarder at Harvard when I attended starting in 1969, and was envied, feared, and sporatically outlawed. I explained to the dean of students that outlawry was part of skateboarding, and that I could help him prepare for the tidal wave that would be coming.

The OneWheel is a brilliant tech extension, and is reasonably safe (use hand, knee, wrist, and head protection!) and insanely useful (during my trial day I easily took it onto public transit and then blasted away and could beat anybody arriving anywhere).

I would have bought one but my husband explained to me (again) that I am now in my 70’s and too old and frail and probabalistically senile to be that much of an outlaw, and that Mexican country dirt roads and cobblestone streets are too far outside my reflexive knowledge for me to master at my age.

God but I loved it.

david fb


At least with the FreeWheel, I can see how they can stop, not sure about the other single wheel jobbers… GT - 20 mph, 32 mile range…