NEWR's Competition includes SPLK

Thank you in advance to any computer experts who follow Saul’s board who may be able to share how NEWR stacks-up against their competition. Last paragraph references the answer w/some standard boiler plate language which one would expect the company to say.

NEWR Competition
We operate in a highly competitive industry that is characterized by constant change and innovation. Changes in the applications and the programing
languages used to develop applications, devices, operating systems, and technology landscape result in evolving customer requirements.
Our competitors fall into four primary categories:
• Performance monitoring providers such as AppDynamics, Inc. (an operating division of Cisco Systems, Inc.), Datadog, Inc., Dynatrace LLC, and Splunk Inc.;

• Diversified technology companies such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, International Business Machines Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, and Oracle Corporation;

• Large enterprise software and service companies such as BMC Software, Inc. and CA, Inc.; and

• Companies offering analytics products competing with our New Relic Insights product, including Amazon Web Services, Inc., and Google Inc.

The principal competitive factors in our market include:
• Product and platform features, architecture, reliability, security, performance, effectiveness, and supported environments;
• Product extensibility and ability to integrate with other technology infrastructures;
• Digital intelligence expertise;
• Ease of use of products and platform capabilities;
• Total cost of ownership;
• Adherence to industry standards and certifications;
• Strength of sales and marketing efforts;
• Brand awareness and reputation; and
• Focus on customer success.

We believe we generally compete favorably with our competitors on the basis of these factors. Many of our competitors have substantially greater financial,technical, and other resources, greater name recognition, larger sales and marketing budgets, broader distribution, and larger and more mature intellectual property portfolios.

Source: NEWR Quarterly Report (10-K) dated 5/18/2017


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