"News" or advertising?

The local “news” tonight was very excited about a study that claimed that people who took Wegovy, not the entire class of drug, just Wegovy, experienced a reduced cardiovascular risk. The “report” continued that 6.6M Americans, who are not diabetic, would benefit from taking this drug.

Can’t help but wonder who paid for that advert, dressed up as “news”. The drug company itself, or a broker who is a “market maker” in Novo Nordisk?

Slickly produced piece from the “news” at the link

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As an Eli Lilly shareholder, I can confirm that there is literally no single person on Earth who wouldn’t benefit from a prescription for Zepbound or Mounjaro.


That’s old news. The study results were released last summer and got FDA approval for heart attack use in March. The stock market approved as well.


If “old news”, why was it being reported so eagerly at 6, yesterday? The check must not have been very big, because this “news” was not reported at 11, unlike some other items that were reported, like the government investigating Ford’s “Blue Cruise” self driving system, which was repeated at 11.


Filler material?