NEX chart pattern

So I was talking to a relative up in the Dakota’s and asked what company did their drilling. He told me NEX. So I looked at the chart and for TA it sure looks like it would be a good one to invest in and out of. Here is the 2 month chart:
NEX - Nextier Oilfield Solutions Stock Interactive Chart -

The one year chart looks really good to me:
NEX - Nextier Oilfield Solutions Stock Interactive Chart -

Am I starting to interpret this information correctly Quill / Arindam…doc


Good choice. If you can add the TSI, you have a confirmation for a go. But again you missed the bus. plae the mouse on 2/23

However this morning the Stockcharts says otherwise. There was a sell signal.
Nex is stagnant and has a trading window of 'tween 10.20 and 8.50. If you swingtrde using stockcharts you be better off.

On your barchart add two Horizontal lines as you window to trade 'tween.

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The funnymentals look solid.

But a really sucky chart. I wouldn’t buy it --as an investment-- until it breaks out of its sideways channel.

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I changed it to the main pane. I need to revisit the parameters you and arindam use to hone mine. My chart shows two green dots on the last two candles and it looks like I missed the buy opportunity as you said…doc


I couldn’t open your charts. When I click your link, I’m taken to BarChart’s site and shown their default chart template, not the chart you created. If you want people to see your charts, then do a screen capture. Save it as PNG file. Then upload it using the seventh button in the header of every post.

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Just some suggestions. Your chart is messy. Get rid of the tool bar to the left of the chart. (Done by opening the ‘Settings’ menu, selecting ‘Appearance’, and selecting ‘Hide’ for the Tool Panel.)

Next, move TSI to its own panel.

Next, open up the setting for PARTP and increase the size of the dots as well as paint them red and green.

Lastly, replace the ‘HA Smoothed’ indicator with just plain HA bars. Alternatively, lower the smoothing factor from its current ‘8’ to ‘2’ or ‘3’.


A couple more thoughts. Go to Yahoo Finance. Enter ‘NEX’ in their search bar and pull up the news to get a sense of who’s interested in the stock.

Next, tell Yahoo to chart it. (Don’t get fancy. A 3 to 6 month line chart is good enough. Next, do some comparisons. How’s NEX doing compared to the broad market? More importantly, how’s NEX doing compared to its industry, for which XLE might be a good enough proxy?

BINGO! NEX offers nothing that buying/trading an ETF for the industry/sector wouldn’t give you, with this diff. When the economy/market does crash, NEX quite possibly becomes a company whose stock you’d like to buy shares in, because its fundamentals are solid.


Thanks, impressive how NEX follows XLE…doc

So I saw this company on another post here at the fool.

I’m going to be watching this one Monday I’m thinking…doc


As Quill would say, “That train has already left the station.” Two months ago, FRO was $12 bucks. Now, it’s $18.

Probably, you saw mention of FRO in the shipping forum that HoHum runs. But do this. Enter FRO into BarChart’s search box. Next pull its competitors. Next, switch the view from Main to Performance and rank the stocks by 3M % chg. FRO is up 31%, but NM is up 48%, and TK --that’s been commented on lately-- 41%.

December, when the whole shipping industry was being sold down, was the time to be buying, not now. (IMHO, 'natch)


I read an article about how the companies with the giant ships that can’t enter harbors has to offload onto smaller ships (FRO, INSW) and how these smaller companies have a unique position in the shipping industry and have been unnoticed until now…doc

This is from yesterday. Is this a good trade for day trading, Buy the drop when it started to go green on the technicals? This went from 28 range and closed at $32 plus…doc