Some more thoughts on HA Smoothie

attached is a HASmoothie with a line chart mounted on top.
On my TOS charts, I have a special software attachment called Trend Trader PRO. Have to change the 5 day 15 minute to at least a better chart. Perhaps a weekly.
In the information below, they give all kinds of demos but watch the line version of the candle sticks. I converted to the line.
Have to be careful. I have to watch the line crossing thru the smoothie red and green line for a buy and sell signal.
The white arrows are exactly pointing to the switch from green to red and vice versa. The point is that is important is the data line crisscrossing over the Green and Red lines.

Still working on the big E for earnings project. So far notice after the E is posted, the stock takes off. But it must be the Green Bars. Some times will have to wait a few days And bammmmm the sucker takes off.

Going to spend some time studying which is better, line or the candle stix.

Hope you can understand what I am seeing. The HAsmothie is so close to the Trend Trader PRO. Same church, different pew.

Just looked at a smoothie chart with LEN with a Elder-Impulse-system that is telling what is really happening. In my opinion, the Smoothie is doing its job and I would trade with it. Not worried at all. Don’t touch it.
I am just watching the OHLC lines above the GREEN and then below the RED. I was mostly interested in the Big E. I am seeing a lot of good plays using the PettyCa$h on the first GREEN bar after the last RED bar. Getting excited at what the OHLCs are telling me.t make a nice profit.

I see things differently than Grasshoppers would see.