Nextech AR Solutions announced their first Q results, it posted a 6,611% jump in revenue to nearly $1.5 million, versus $22,544 in revenue in the same period a year earlier.
Nextech AR is a PurePlay AR company, No hardware and high gross margins

Company is extremely early innings and is still on OTC market, so its high risk but they have been executing well and its a chance to get in very early with a potential disrupter company and I think its worth a look.

They have already signed a deal with Google to develop AR technologies.

“NexTech AR is a technology start-up and pure-play investment in augmented reality. Based in both New York and Toronto, NexTech is known for its proprietary e-commerce platform, ARitize, which enables retailers to transform two-dimensional images into true 3D AR experiences for consumers.”

'NexTech does not produce hardware, but rather uses AR to improve eCommerce results for customers as well as its company-owned sites. In addition, it uses hologram technology and is starting to apply its technologies to the education and entertainment spaces. ’

I can see the potential for scalability.

If anyone would like a deeper look, I would love to hear your thoughts.…


I can’t speak for Saul but a no-name company with less than 1.5 million in revenue doesn’t belong here. At worst, this is a pump and dump, looking at your profile I doubt that is what you are doing. At best, it is a really good way to lose your money.

99.9% of the time if this were a real investment opportunity at this size it would be private and funded by VC.

steer clear.