NexTech AR (NEXCF)

NexTech AR is a company that deals in the Augmented Reality (AR) space. I’ve been following this company for the last few months and have a small speculative position in it. It is currently traded on the OTC markets. It is positioning itself as a vendor in the AR SaaS space. The company sells software that allows online companies to make augmented reality product listings. For example, one of NEXCF’s clients is Walther Arms, the gun manufacturer. So if you go onto the Walter Website you can see a rotating 3D image of the gun using NexTech’s technology. NEXCF also has a platform for AR online classes, and just recently signed up the Dallas school district. This is expanding greatly during this Covid Crisis. The big news today was that NEXCF announced it has applied for NASDAQ uplisting.

Here is the newsrelease:…

I think this company, as one of the few (only?) pure play AR companies, has a bright future, as AR is going to be a huge market with Apple AR glasses on the horizon and Snapchat investing heavily in the space.