NFLX (Netflix)…

This short attempt could mean a good opening for investors looking to get in or add to their positions at this point in time.

Netflix has been a great performer for me. Take a moment, and see if it fits into your strategy.



I actually lightened up a bit on NFLX today. It’s now a 6% position for me, where it was a 9.x% position a few weeks back.

Reason is because it’s now valued at 140 billion, which feels very rich. 3 months into this year, it has gone up by 60%. Back when it was around 40 billion, I feel 120~150 billion within a few years is very doable. I definitely did not expect that at the beginning of the year.

I moved the fund into NTNX MTCH MELI and GOOGL, where I feel the valuations are more reasonable while stilling having decent room for appreciation. To be honest, I feel a bit uneasy about those stocks that went up so much and have kept going up. I am getting spoiled while secretly thanking everyone that contributes to this board, especially Saul.