Nicklaus Companies Sue Jack Nicklaus

… well, Jack never did want to do personal appearances as part of an endorsement deal. He just wanted a check, and that’s it.

Jack Nicklaus reportedly is being sued by Nicklaus Companies…

The complaint claims Nicklaus was paid $145 million in 2007 to provide exclusive services and property to the Nicklaus Companies, a conglomerate founded in 1970 as the Golden Bear International Inc. The company includes golf course design, licensed apparel, eyewear, artwork and other goods and services.

The suit alleges Nicklaus has failed to deliver on the terms of the deal. It also accuses Nicklaus, 82, of working on occasion directly against the company.


Does that include the “naming rights” for the freeway?

Interstate 270 (I-270) is an auxiliary interstate highway that forms a beltway loop freeway in the Columbus metropolitan area in the US state of Ohio, commonly known locally as The Outerbelt or the Jack Nicklaus Freeway.

Used the Nicklaus to visit my aunt once. Got out the paper maps and looked for an alternate route after that nightmare. Found an alternate route too! Never would have found it without the paper maps.


I can’t imagine that Jack ponied up to put his name on a freeway. I suspect it’s a honor bestowed on him by the Ohio Legislature.


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