NINTH Russian general is killed in Ukraine

(This war is a dress rehearsal for the next David vs. Goliath war so we’d better pay attention 'cause the next war we get mixed up in we’ll be playing the role of Goliath)

NINTH Russian general is ‘killed in Ukraine’: Kyiv claims to have taken out yet another senior officer as Putin tries to conquer the east

Major General Andrey Simonov slain, Ukraine Army sources tell Zelensky adviser

Simonov would be the ninth and youngest Russian general killed during invasion

Strike near city of Izyum, northeastern Kharkiv region also took out 30 vehicles

Average one Russian general killed each week during Putin’s failed excursion…



He’s the youngest general killed at age 55?

Advancement in the Russian army must be by seniority rather than accomplishment.

Not surprising, I guess.

So who’s killed more Russian Generals at this point, Ukraine or Putin?