$NKLA 1st Tre EV Semi Rolls Off Assembly Line

Assembly line production of Tre EV trucks began last month. Yesterday, the first assembly line produced truck rolled out.

(The port of Long Beach has already been using the first non-assembly line Tres since December of last year.)

This Arizona located plant is currently set up to make one truck per day, ramping up to 5 trucks per day. Analysts earlier this year predicted 300-500 Nikola Tre EV Semis produced in Year 1 - 2022.

Plant is already scheduled to expand.

Charts contained in this two tweet thread:


1) $NKLA “Nikola Inc., which aims to be a leader in battery- and hydrogen-powered heavy trucks, has begun production of electric semis at its new Arizona plant, getting to market at least a year ahead of Elon Musk’s delayed Tesla Semi.”

p.s. Two paragraphs from the archived Forbes article contained in the OP:

"Under Russell’s management, the company has tightened relations with industrial partners including Iveco, which supplies the Tre’s chassis, and Bosch, which is working with it on fuel cells for hydrogen trucks. Tests of battery-powered Tres began last year at the Port of Los Angeles and the company is targeting sales in regions such as Southern California where the Tre qualifies for an incentive for clean heavy-duty vehicles worth $120,000 per truck. (Each sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars each, though the company isn’t sharing detailed pricing.)

With a European-style “day cab” Nikola says the Tre has the longest range of any electric semi on the market, getting 350 miles per charge from its 753 kWh pack. That’s a larger battery than any of its current competitors, including electric models from Peterbilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, BYD, Volvo and Lion Electric."