NKTR down 31% in Pre-market

After disappointing results, NKTR in pre-market trading is down to $20.xx, down by $9.3 or little over 31%.

Anytime you get tempted about biotech stocks…


I have learned my lesson, Biotech is a no no for me, no matter how good they look.
I most often even don’t read the post about those, not to get tempted. but that’s me.
Solar, on the other hand, seem to be so good so far, second category fast growers after Clouds.


Anytime you get tempted about biotech stocks…

Agree, I got into this one near the top, after the LARGE run up, and bought a couple times on the way down. Am finally fully out, luckily it wasn’t a large position. Not blaming anyone but myself, but now that I’m out, it’s free to run back up again, but I won’t be watching.

Lesson learned!