"No hassle migration from Zscaler to Cloudflare One with The Descaler Program" (and Cloudflare Security Week)

In case you’ve missed it, yet another week with news from Cloudflare began yesterday. This time around it’s Security Week 2023. As usual, there’s a lot more going on beyond press releases, and I’d like put put the landing pages here for ease of access:

They’ve already made two announcements via press releases, but I find this little magic bottle worth a mention.

Today, Cloudflare is excited to launch the Descaler Program, a frictionless path to migrate existing Zscaler customers to Cloudflare One. With this announcement, Cloudflare is making it even easier for enterprise customers to make the switch to a faster, simpler, and more agile foundation for security and network transformation.

Zscaler customers are increasingly telling us that they’re unhappy with the way in which they have to manage multiple solutions to achieve their goals and with the commercial terms they are being offered. Cloudflare One offers a larger network, a ‘single stack’ solution with no service chaining that enables innovation at an incredible rate, meaning lots of new product and feature releases.

At its core, the Descaler Program helps derisk change. It’s designed to be simple and straightforward, with technical resources to ensure a smooth transition and strategic consultation to ensure the migration achieves your organization’s goals. Customers can expect to be up and running on Cloudflare One in a matter of weeks without disruption to their business operations.

Enterprise organizations who use competitive security products from Zscaler, such as ZIA or ZPA, and have 1,000 employees or more are eligible to participate. The Descaler Program builds in resources and touch points with Cloudflare experts on two related paths – one focused on technical success, the other focused on business success.

The Descaler Program includes the tools, process and partners you need for a frictionless technical migration.

(Emphasis mine. Blog post here: https://blog.cloudflare.com/descaler-program/)

In typical Cloudflare fashion, they’ve created a “Descaler toolkit” with the typical “in just a few clicks”. Alongside with that, they provide people, support, partners and more. They also address the business side of things with for example “Escape hatch for your current contract”.

This is quite significant in my opinion. Automation via a custom-made toolkit lowers the stickiness of Zscaler’s solution.


I like the move but not ready to say its significant until we see signs that they are gaining more traction in this space. So far, it seems they might be getting smaller customers and such but are not really even at the table for the majority of the (at least larger) zero trust deals.


I guess that’s why they don’t talk about partnering with Zscaler anymore.