There are boards which are for managing your portfolio. This is not one of them. Please take this discussion to another board. Thanks for your cooperation.


Sorry to add to this thread…I have never posted before but have been following for about a year now.

POSTERS: IF YOU THINK YOU ARE A NEWBIE, DON’T POST. I try to read everything on this board, and people keep posting THEIR portfolio here, like people care. This board is about posting on GROWTH stocks and with detailed posts. No one cares how your portfolio is doing or what you own because you follow this board. They don’t care what MY portfolio is doing, nor yours. They care about detailed and important observations that most of us could not do on our own.

Like Saul, I don’t care about how many stocks you buy of Saul’s picks or any other stuff like that. Geez, how hard it is to just not post and leave this board alone so it can do its thing.

First and last post.


I’m bound to get flak for this, so let me start out by saying I have great respect and thanks for this board, for Saul, and all of the posters who help to educate the rest of us.

The education I’ve gained from the knowledge base and the rest of the pinned posts has been invaluable, as have the vast majority of the threads on this board. Much due to the original post, but often even moreso from the questions and replies. This certainly includes what I think is usually great conversation around posts regarding portfolio performance.

Most folks on this board know more than me. Most folks on this board have more experience than me. And because of that, I don’t often contribute new ideas or new stocks, but to read that I’m by virtue of my newness less than others and unworthy of posting was disheartening. Reading commands in all caps with exclamation points is disheartening.

I completely understand the need to cut off conversations when they take over the board, especially when they are non-growth related. This isn’t my board, and I respect that entirely; all I ask is that ‘newbies’ such as myself are not treated as less-than, but welcomed, respected, educated (allowed to ask questions), and guided along this fascinating journey you all are kind enough to lead.

-Scott Mac


Scott, the information necessary to be a great investor cannot be disseminated simply by a thread but only by experience.

If you read my recent post on Zscaler you would understand that coming up with the insights in regard took a lot of industry wide knowledge, investing and business structure knowledge, and plainly I could not impart this sort of knowledge and inference simply by a thread. I found the earnings for Symantec, so how does that directly relate to Zscaler? It is a very complex holistic process.

The only way to learn such things is experience, not instructions on a thread.

Thus, stick with what you are comfortable with, minimize churn until you are compelled to churn, keep investing money each month and grow year by year as you gain confidence and competence. You will be challenged at some point to the marrow of your bones when the market crashes. Will you sell out of panic, or buy when others panic in the best growth companies in the world? We shall find out.

So just participate along, stock after stock, and learn as you go.



The only way to learn such things is experience

Agreed. Take Zscalar and Symantec, while you can infer both of them are in the security business, but it takes much more than that to understand how Zscalar may or may not impact Symantec, for the record I think Symantec issues have nothing to do with Zscalar growth or taking market share.

And on the experience, not only you will benefit from reading, but you will benefit from actual trading. You may benefit from a trading account (with full expectation you could lose all the money there). This will allow you to sniff and scratch, pull the trigger even when you are not fully ready, etc.


Hi Scott, and welcome.
The admonishion is not against “newbies” or really even newbie questions. It’s against questions about stuff like portfolio management, how to calculate basic investing metrics like “market cap” or what is a large cap vs micro cap stock, etc.

Even as a “newbie”, read the knowledge base, pick one of the companies being covered, go through the work to generate the metrics being discussed, etc. Develop some knowledge about those metrics and then engage in the discussions about those metrics.

Learn about one of the ?aaS groups (PaaS, SaaS, etc) find a company you think is fast growing, get the metrics, and bring it to the board.

Again, it’s not about “no newbies”… It’s about “no elementary questions, no politics, no port management” see the knowledge base for examples of topics that should be pursued elsewhere.

Please stick around. Learn from the board posters. You’ll be very glad you did.



This board is like advanced algebra. Get your basic education other places and come here for advanced studies.

Appreciate all of you




This was not a personal attack against you or anyone else but as Saul and others have stated so many times. Read the 3 parts of the Knowledgebase. Then read them again. Then print it out. Then read it again and again and again. It’s all there, plus the monthly reports that several posters kindly devote hours and hours for FREE!!! Start slow and learn.

Nobody is here to hold your hand and tell you what to do, but there also is nowhere else imo that you will receive such an education as you have on this board. Good luck.

ps. nobody accused anyone of being as you say, “unworthy of posting was disheartening” You have got to do the homework first and sure, “ask questions” just make sure they are relevant and cover the rules that Saul sets for this board.