Non-financial boards closing soon

If AC didn’t contact me via email, I would not have known that the Non-financial boards will be closing soon. It was a great run, and went on for much longer than I thought it would.

I haven’t been around as much as before - in the olden days (1998 to the early 2010s) I posted a lot of foolishness. I also made friends here, and met a few in Massachusetts whom I still regularly interact with on Facebook. The Fool has been a treasure for making relationships.

I have laughed and learned from all of you, from the very first answer to a post I received (Leviathan answered my question), and through controversies about harpsichords and Miracle Whip. I still mourn those who passed away too soon, and still wonder about those who left us worrying (Soccerdad).

A lot of what I wrote became a sort of journal, and I will go through and save the most salient of those.

Long Live the Fool! Huzzah!