Nope. Not that one.

I’m car traveling, and staying at interim lodging along the way.
I checked Google Maps for a local motel.
One place was listed at $38. Yep, thirty eight dollars".
I thought “now that’s budget!”
So, I read the first review which had this as its first two sentences:
"By far the worst hotel I’ve ever stayed in! It was disgusting! …

LOLOLOLOL. I’m not that “budget” minded.

My night is costing $56 taxes and fees included.


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The thing I do is read the lowest ratings and if they say anything about dirty linens or bedbugs within the last year - nope.

AC also wary of door lock issues


Also read reviews on “budget” lodgings to see whether they’re being used to house (temporarily) houseless folks. Although I understand the need for such uses (and live cater-corner from a multi-level studio apt. building in Honolulu used for that purpose), they can generate with too much “drama” to permit a restful night. I stayed in one on Kaua’i for two nights when there was no other option, and it was awful.

PS: It also took nearly two years of relentless pressure from nearby residents (including me) to get the Honolulu building under control (noise, trash, public drinking/drugs, fighting, etc.), which it now is, mostly. We made it clear that we did weren’t demanding that the use of the building be changed, but we did want better building managers and respect for neighbors, many of whom are families with kids.



I am old enuff to remember when Motel 6 was $6/nite

p.s. Gas price sunk below $3/gal here TODAY!


That’s a smart shortcut indeed!