Not LBYM this time?

I got myself a Nespresso for… Thanksgiving.
The machine was $200, the pods are $0.70 to $1 each.
I make a double, cause a single just ain’t right.

I’m REALLY ENJOYING the cappuccinos!

I will have to wash a lot of tin foil to regain my LBYM cred?
ralph has a Keurig for beater coffee, and only fires up the Nespresso for VIP coffee. Or to reward myself. Or to impress visitors. Or an afternoon interlude. Or…


the L stands for Living.

If you can afford it, it’s Below Your Means, and cheaper than Starbucks.
Plus, you’re re-using the same mug/cup over and over. right?

peace & L


When my husband’s dementia made it impossible for him to safely make coffee using our French press, I quickly tired of having to deal with it at 7am (never an early morning person–that’s why the hubster always made breakfast). After I broke my leg during the pandemic, I had my excuse(!) and bought the cheapest original Nespresso (IIRC $140 from AMZN in 2020). After experimenting, I found the hubster’s fave decaf pods (Starbucks) and my fave hi-test (purple pods from Nespresso). I also bought a free-standing milk frother, although I seldom bother any more. I prefer my dark roast Nespresso w/heavy cream. It’s usually the highlight of my day–especially if I have a second cup as an afternoon pick-me-up. To which I often add flavored liquid stevia (hazelnut, cinnamon, maple, vanilla…). In summer I pour this over crushed ice for a homemade “frapaccino.”

I feel bad about the pods, which AFAIK are not recyclable in my county. But not bad enough to fix French press at 7am…


I suppose I could go back to a drip machine and set it up the night before, but I’ve been spoiled by the rich taste of coffee from our old manual espresso machine, French press, or Nespresso. Just like the dripped coffee spoiled me for percolated way back when–and percolated for instant (which IMO isn’t coffee–just some dark brown beverage!).

=alstro, coffee snob…I mean aficionado…oh, heck I’m kind of a foodie…(have I mentioned the shrimp pho I made yesterday? mmmm…)

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I feel bad about the pods, which AFAIK are not recyclable in my county.

When I had a Keurig, I used reusable pods. Apparently, Nespresso has them as well:…

Either way, enjoy!



Also one of the converted. The kids bought us a Nespresso and aeroccino(the milk frother) for Christmas. I’m a big coffee drinker so I’d be an environmental menace if I used it instead of the regular coffee maker through the day, but for that special coffee treat after dinner, it’s GRRRREAT!

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I skipped the Nespresso and went for a full blown espresso/cappuccino machine a few years ago. All in one Breville unit - bean grinder, pressure head, and milk steamer. Looking back, I can’t believe I used to be ok with K-cups. Everything else tastes so horribly watered down to me now.

The reality is , it’s still a massive savings vs a coffee shop habit. $600 machine up front. Monthly running costs is probably $30 for beans, milk, and sugar. Call it $1800 across 3 years. We make 2 lattes or cappucinos a day, so that’s under $1/drink. Ignoring machine cost, more like 50¢ a drink. Compared to SBUX prices ($4/drink?), we easily save $2k/yr. But more importantly, the homemade one is far better!

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you have balloons!

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