Now's the time to move to the Dementia Village

With the rapid increase in cases Private Equity operators are walling off several blocks of town and allowing patients to wander around like the wildlife.

At the place in the Netherlands, the professional staff in “town” outnumber the patients. Private Equity ain’t going to like that. I’ve seen other articles where they program robots to keep dementia patients engaged. No doubt that’s cheaper than hiring a human worker.

And, of course, Elon Musk’s “brain chip” is always waiting in the wings.



Perhaps this tech could be adapted to subtly confine the patient?
Dress the patient in an exoskeleton and geofence them, to not leave a specific area?
Kinda like a Roomba, it always goes back to base?
Maybe Elon would license FSD for it?


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Patient Zero point Zero…

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