NTNX CEO to VMware: ‘Stop Being a Bully&#8

By Jessica Lyons Hardcastle, sdxcentral.com:

The Nutanix-VMware battle escalated a notch or 10 with a Nutanix blog that accuses VMware COO Sanjay Poonen of “bullying” Nutanix customers on LinkedIn and email.

Late Monday, Nutanix CEO Dheeraj Pandey posted a blog that begins with his musing about human dignity (it was posted on MLK Jr. Day), taxation without representation, and his company’s no-vTax movement. This is essentially its protest against VMware software licensing costs.




Despite the dispute both Nutanix and VMware are booming but other vendors, not so much.

By Chris Mellor, blocksandfiles.com:

Nutanix, Pure, VMware are booming. Other enterprise vendors? Not so much

Cisco is discounting its HyperFlex hyperconverged infrastructure product, Commvault is under competitive pressure, Microsoft AzureStack lacks traction, and NetApp is replacing IBM storage arrays, while Nutanix, Pure and VMware are booming.

This market intelligence is provided by Jason Ader, analyst at William Blair, an investment bank, who surveyed 45 resellers in North America and Western Europe in the December 2018 quarter.





Great post. The battle heats up. From the other linked article HCI is obviously taking off in a huge disruptive way.

And Nutanix and VMarw are the two Alpha dogs duking it out.

Nutanix is best in bread and it looks like the vendors are saying everything we have been saying. Big wins and happy customers. Very encouraging especially that vendors are only seeing minimal impact from Govt shutdown with big budget agencies still spending.

But VMWare is clearly a strong next best.

Still have a small bit of Pure hanging around. The vendors note Pures technology and business model as a strong differentiation and Pure is gaining share. Also

FlashBlade is starting to become material to key channel partners as use-cases become more apparent

Good find Starrob. Anybody interested in those 3 companies should definitely read the report.