NTNX: Partners with Cloudera


Nutanix Certifies on Cloudera Enterprise, Joining Forces To Create Simplified Big Data Enterprise Clouds

Nutanix® (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud computing, today announced that its Enterprise Cloud Platform software has been certified to run Cloudera Enterprise workloads through the Cloudera Certified Technology Program. Through this certification, joint customers can reduce management complexity and derive more value by deploying and managing their Cloudera analytics workloads on the market’s leading hyperconverged software platform. IT leaders can now run intensive big data jobs in their own private cloud datacenter, adding a new level of flexibility to their IT infrastructure without sacrificing the simplicity and scalability typically associated with public cloud services.

Also, this from a William Blair analyst:

*Nutanix (NASDAQ:NTNX) shares are up 4.08% premarket after positive comments from William Blair analyst Jason Ader.

*Ader says value-added reseller (VAR) checks show Nutanix will have a “very strong” October quarter featuring large deals.

*The analyst expects Nutanix to move towards an all-software model in “near future.”

The shares are now up 10% today.



If one is long NTNX, isn’t it logical to think this may negatively impact TLND? How much room is there for multiple players in the Cloudera and Talend sandbox?

Can’t help but think back to how similar this is to when ANET and INFN partnered to the excitement of many of on this board including me. Although things haven’t fared so well for INFN, this is similar, but obviously different in that Cloudera and Talend are cloud-based and INFN is not.



I am not as familiar about Nutanix and Talend but Arista and Infinera in my mind are quite different.

Arista is a data center switch company whereas Infinera is more of a long haul DCI (data center to data center) play. Infinera is also build around their optical chip while Arista is more a software company.
Infinera has a more integrated structure while Arista tend to use white box hardware.