NTNX-VansonBourne global enterprisecloud survey

as per the NTNX survey 73% are migrating applications AWAY from the public cloud and back to on prem infrastructure.
85% view hybrid cloud as optimal IT operating model.


any one see this as threat for the companies following here?

I see PING is a leader in IDENTITY FOR HYBRID IT hybrid cloud as per there website. is this trend does not effect OKTA?




I don’t know if it is a threat. We have lots of assumptions about the growth of our companies and their total addressable market. I don’t know whether the total addressable market numbers are taking such a study into account.


I for one do not see this as a threat for our companies.

As you noted from the report, 85% view hybrid cloud as optimal. That, in my opinion, bodes well, especially for what our companies do. That ‘hybrid cloud’ consists of public & private cloud, and many of out companies operate as private cloud environments. When they say 73% are migrating away from the public cloud, I don’t think of AWS & Azure like they listed there, but rather things like dropbox, google drive, etc., that may be used by employees in a sort of unofficial way. I may be way off with that statement, but that’s what I see and think when I read that stat.

With respect to Ping vs. Okta, I work in SSO enablement for my organization and can say that anecdotally it is a two-dog race between Okta and Azure for all new enablements my team handles (many of the biggest banks, law firms, etc.). My own org. is in process of migrating from Ping to Okta as well.