NU fintech, WEBuffett owns some

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NU is not a Value investment, as far as I have looked at it.

TMF writer, June 9, 2022, recommends investors take a look at Nu.…

Nu is a new kind of bank (perhaps better described as a fintech), and it’s taking South America by storm.

WEB put $1B in the Nu pot.
Online, no brick and mortar locations.

It apparently IPO’d Dec2021 at $10, rocketed to $11.88 for its postIPO runup … then down down … to close at $3.94 today.

No earnings, no P/E. No value metrics?

It’s taking South America by storm. And according to the TMF article has great NPS.
Nu is winning fans and finding millions of new customers in South America. The bank has amazing revenue growth, and there’s a reason for that.


Nu has an amazing NPS of 90 in Brazil, and 94 in Mexico.
Compared to much lower US Bank scores.

market cap $20 billion. So it’s already a very large bank. But it’s growing like a weed. It had 226% year-over-year revenue growth in its most recent quarter.

The TMF article is a good, positive read on NU.
And fintech is in the growth space.
Is 226% YoY revenue growth … hyper?

[Buffett bought BYD, too. I own some BYD, and was influenced by Buffett’s ownership.
BYD is being good to me, in this time of sorrow.]