End of Q2. Estimates for Tesla production anywhere between 250,000 to 270,000. Up or down 5,000 will move the stock. This is ignoring that production for Q3 “could” be 400,000.

My three month old Model Y costs $70,000 plus today ($7,000 more then I paid. Delivery in January.

I like these numbers.

My three month old Model Y costs $70,000 plus today ($7,000 more then I paid. Delivery in January. – ER

That prompted me to check.

We ordered my wife’s Y in February 2021, got it in March(!), which was earlier than promised. Paid something like $51k out the door including tax. Dual motor, white interior, tow hitch. Current price is. $69k+, not including tax.

It’s amazing how the prices have gone up.

I ordered my 3 a few days before her and it arrived a few days after. I kinda wish I had sprung for the fancier wheels, but I took the wheel covers off and snapped on some Tesla wheel hub covers. It turns out that the dark grey wheels are a match for my dark grey car and it all looks pretty good.

We both love our vehicles. The only issue was a flat tire on her car (replaced) and some sort of bug with my screen (rebooted and that fixed it). We’ve taken both on trips. No issues. Probably will hold onto these for quite a while.

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Numbers are out:

P: 258,580
D: 254,695

US light vehicle sales in June
(change year over year)

BMW — Down 20.6%
GM — Down 15.4%
Honda — Down 50.7%
Hyundai-Kia — Down 19.1%
Mazda — Down 42.8%
Infiniti — Down 40.9%
Nissan — Down 38.4%
Ram — Down 26.6%
Subaru — Down 18.3%
Toyota — Down 23%

Tesla — Up 53% $TSLA


June 2022 was the highest vehicle production month in Tesla’s history.

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June production in China. 70928