NVDA: AI will change everything


Duma posted a reference to the above linked article on the NPI board. I think that the author of that article is spot on. AI will change everything and AI will impact everything. AI is the prerequisite to many emerging and important technologies some of which have not yet been imagined. I believe that the impact of AI on the world will be so profound that it’s difficult to predict all of the outcomes. I also believe that NVDA is at the epicenter of enabling AI and NVDA currently has a huge lead. I cannot predict how big NVDA will become, but I’m betting with my investment dollars that NVDA is going to get a whole lot bigger than it is today because it is the picks and shovels vendor for AI. I believe that AI will proliferate into the world at a pace that faster than most predict. That’s why I hold such a large position in NVDA. I suggest you read the above linked article.

And here’s one post that I wrote on the topic about 2 1/2 months ago: