NVDA: AMD reports strong Q4


Bodes well for NVDA. AMD’s quarter ends on 12/31/17 while NVDA’s Q4 ended 3 days ago on 1/28/18 so there’s a 66% overlap. AMD’s result suggest strong purchasing in the industry. NVDA will report results next Thursday.


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Cramer chimed in today on AMD NVDA INTC. Says AMD may be able to challenge Intel, but not really a chance to challenge NVDA. Which is evidenced, of course, but AMD being at least a product cycle behind NVDA, if not further.

We talked earlier about multiples a stock has and how CAP determines much of this. In the context talking between PSTG and NVDA.

NVDA is a practical world wide monopoly in many enormous aspects of GPUs, and practically in all of the high end.

Cramer implicitly doesn’t see it any differently. We just happen to put it into better context and discuss it in more depth than Cramer does.



I listened to the newest “Invest Like the Best” podcast yesterday. Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano was on, a venture capitalist, who’s first fund invested in 64 companies, 3 of which are crypto currency miners.

Pomp thinks-

we are in a cpu computing world now, and the future is a gpu world, which is just beginning.

His 3 crypto miners, after successfully mining a bitcoin, ethereum, etc, sell the crypto currency right away to avoid the risk.

When asked about the risk of investing in the computing power if the value of crypto assets plummet and they aren’t worth mining, he said they would just shift focus to data mining instead, renting out the computing power to companies for AI, etc.

He likens GPU computing power to steel of the past, everyone is going to need it and want it.