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Who’s in Nvda

  • Shook out at Earnings Drop
  • Bought with both fists at earnings drop
  • Bought Monday During rally
  • Still waiting for better price.
  • Not buying Nvda too overvalued.

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Where is the “have owned since before the major run-up started in 2016” option?



AMD took their best swing, and nope. Same old same old that has been AMD’s issue for decades. They simply cannot keep up with the product cycle and R&D and product budgets of either Intel or Nvidia, much less trying to compete in both the CPU and the GPU market at the same time.

On the other hand, yes, NVDA is selling for 40X current forward looking earnings estimates (those are conservative and will surely continue up absent some real business issues that are not currently visible) but that is still a lot of pay (even from me) for a $100 billion company. This said, other $100 billion companies have been even more expensive (or currently are more expensive).

But as with everything, do you just keep holding, do you add, do you sell…I will eventually sell, but I don’t see NVDA in a bubble as they can grow into this valuation mathematically, and I don’t see the other reasons to sell. But rules are rules and we do what we want regardless. I will leave that up to you guys.



Lol! Not enough options. But Congrats.

Who’s in Nvda

I increased my position from about 10% to about 12.5% after earnings last week. Today’s increase boosted my holding to about 13.7% without me needing to add any new shares today.

Based on their guidance for Q3, I think they would hit $1.06 in adj EPS for a TTM EPS of $4.05 and a P/E of 41.6. But I think they will probably beat their guidance and have upside of $0.14 for Q3 adj EPS of $1.20 and a TTM EPS of $4.19 and a P/E of 40.2.

Why do I think they will beat guidance?

  1. I think V100 GPU sales will increase substantially because they offer the best solution for AI applications. I believe that Q2 was light for the data center because of the transition from Pascal to Volta GPUs. I think Q3 will show a strong rebound for the data center revenue.

  2. I think that the gaming business as strong upside because Q3 and Q4 are the highest seasonally and because I think there may be a bunch of pent up demand spillover from Q2 to Q3 due to gaming GPUs being sold for cryptocurrency mining.

  3. I thought previously that the extra $150-250M sold for cryptocurrency mining in Q2 would be a temporary blip. I continue to believe that demand for NVDA’s GPUs for cryptocurrency mining may fluctuate significantly from quarter to quarter, but Bitcoin pricing have continued to skyrocket, hitting another all-time high today. While we are only 2+ weeks into Q3, demand for GPUs for cryptocurrency mining should continue to be high while bitcoin trades at such high levels. We can continue to watch the price of bitcoin and ethereum as the quarter progresses.

  4. They likely set guidance low so that they will beat it.



I thought that almost all the cryptocurrency mining had shifted some years ago from nVidia and AMD GPU’s to the more powerful and energy-efficient ASIC chips. Or are these new GPU’s that much more powerful than earlier models?

I went from 0% to a 3.0% position buying at $165, convinced by Gaucho Chris’ arguments and enthusiasm, as well as by the fundamental results. Then, when it fell to $155, I couldn’t believe it and built up to about a 6.5% position (adding at $155 to $156).



I was in at $100.57 had a 2nd buy at 119.90 and on this dip bot at 165.90, 157.57 and in Friday’s premarket added at 151.50.


You might recall I transitioned from a managed retirement account to self-directed six months ago; I took a 1% position then at $118, then increased to almost 10% in June at $154+, and bumped it up another percent Friday at $154.

+43% in six months? More, please…

Saul, may I ask what you lightened up on to get your full position of NVDA?

Thank you.

Saul, may I ask what you lightened up on to get your full position of NVDA?

Hi Penguin, I usually wait until the end of the month to give detailed discussions of buys and sells, but I have said already that I’ve been lightening PayCom and BlackLine.