NVDA and AI utilization

Athena Security, a San Francisco-based AI company that utilizes computer vision for security applications, has announced implementation of an AI camera system it says can identify guns in crowds. The system is one of a growing number of technologies aimed at preventing gun crime…

Athena’s system is powered by the NVIDIA 2080 RTX graphics card and can be integrated into current camera security networks. Besides schools, the company is marketing its solution to retailers.


When we talk about NVDA it is always acknowledged that there are so many areas that will demand their cards. Seeing this example just made me realize how vast the possibilities truly are. Imagine if such systems became widely used how many RTX cards, just this one type of AI use alone, could consume worldwide? Even when we state AI will be huge we really have no idea how big it could become and what type of demand it could place on NVDA products.


Yeah. So many applications for AI. Medical, Autonomous vehicles, DoD and national security (think counter terrorism, IED detection, intel gathering/analysis, state and federal security.

All reasons I own NVDA.

*Not intended to start a political debate. These are realistic applications and we as investors can decide whether or not to own the company based off our beliefs, which I’m not asking for anyone to express or try to change my mind on.

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KM1973<=== Gets it!

Great post. We truly have no idea where this is going, but it is probably going to be bigger than whatever we think it will be. So many ways. And we’re here because Nvidia’s technology got us here.

The thing about the RTX cards are they an enormous leap in Graphics but they also provide a lot of AI bang for the bucks. Further democratizing the proliferation.

This data AI boom leads to new markets but also gives the USER competitive advantage, cost savings, and new revenue streams. All driving more growth and more need of Nvidia.


AI is so useful in so many things that Nvidia’s TAM blows the mind. If every animal beyond a minimal complexity has a brain, how many IoT devices will have AI?

Denny Schlesinger