NVDA: another PT hike: $325 > $350


Analyst Rajvindra Gill’s new price target of $350, up from $325, implies 29 percent upside over the next 12 months from Thursday’s close.
Needham believes Nvidia’s NVDA leadership in artificial intelligence hardware and software makes it uniquely positioned to usher in the next wave of computing


Every time I think NVDA’s run is done, something like this pops up.

Every time I think NVDA’s run is done, something like this pops up.


Do you mean the run of the stock price or the run of the underlying business performance?

On what do you base your thinking? In the long run, the stock price should track the business performance (in the long run the price is a weighing machine and in the short run it’s a voting machine). If you’re an investor in NVDA, hopefully you think that it’s a good investment based on the future business prospects. Therefore, if you think that the business growth will slow then can you share why you have that opinion?



Stock price more or less. But they continue to surprise me in terms of their business performance as well. Or continued innovation, especially on the software end. This is a HW company that really understands the SW better than anyone I’ve seen before. I have a good chunk of the stock, but I’ve periodically trimmed back on it. I’d be better off if I had just held it all. :smiley:

Starrob and I have talked on the SA forums a lot over the last year or so. I agree mostly with him, that currently NVDA is the king. I do worry that in the 3-5 year time frame something will upset the GPU apple cart. At the same time I hope that Huang is smart enough to realize that if there is something better than the GPU for this type of work it needs to be him that discovers that.


Every time I think NVDA’s run is done, something like this pops up.

Of course it’s going higher, but only because I sold it! Not because I didn’t like it but because after 3 years it was my slowest performer, and I needed the cash for a new car.

But yes, as is my luck, it will go higher after I sold!

You’re welcome, I think?

who knows parting can be such sweet sorrow