NVDA: CLARA and Constellation

CLARA enables legacy, relatively primitive, medical devices to increase their imaging capabilities. These are devices like ultrasounds. There are probably 100s of thousands of these installed just in the United States. Using AI the image quality can be dramatically improved. NVDA first gave a demonstration of this at GTC in March:


How will NVDA monetize CLARA? I think they can either charge a subscription per device or they can charge each time a device uses NVDA’s AI to enhance an image. I suppose it would work by the device connecting via the internet to a hosted NVDA system.

Constellation will help many of NVDA’s 450 partners in the automotive space simulate driven miles in the virtual worlds system. Running simulations in Constellation will be faster and much cheaper than actually driving the miles. How will NVDA monetize this? Similarly to CLARA, Constellation can also be monetized when a partner connects to Constellation through the internet. NVDA can charge by the minute or hour.

Clearly, both CLARA and Constellation will offer customers incredible value, and, as a for-profit business, it’s NVDA’s job to make money off of the value it creates for its customers.