NVDA press release on Audi A8


n Barcelona, a city of architectural treasures, Audi unveiled Tuesday a design masterpiece of its own.

The new flagship 2018 A8 — which is the world’s first Level 3 autonomous driving car to go into production — features a multitude of high-tech splendors, all powered by NVIDIA.

Its AI Traffic Jam Pilot — which offers unprecedented levels of autonomy on crowded highways — instantly grabbed headlines. But it was just one of many remarkable new features powered by NVIDIA technologies…

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Now Audi has a differentiator versus the other luxury full sized sedan manufacturers. The others will not allow Audi to maintain this and they will all need to have these features. Next, the technology will filter down into the less luxurious models, probably as option packages. NVDA will make lots of revenue.


More going on here when you look in detail. As example Mobileye is part of the A8. But my thoughts in regard to this particular product from Audi in the above link.



Did you happen to see the comment on this article:

“Recent info targets Mobil Eye and Infineon as the “platform” benefactors, not NVDA.
Apparently the level 3 safety concerns made Audi place Nvidia in the position of “suppler” and not the platform controlling entity on the level 3 Audi platform.
Is Intel going to strike back at NVDA thru Mobile Eye?”

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