NVDA: partners with Isuzu on AI trucks


Isuzu Motors Limited, one of Japan’s leading commercial vehicle makers, is using the NVIDIA DRIVE AGX platform to address an industry-wide driver-shortage issue while making roadways safer and less congested…

…Isuzu, which makes more than 600,000 commercial vehicles annually

…“Working with NVIDIA, we strive to achieve society’s goal of zero accidents,” said Satoshi Okuyama, executive officer of the Isuzu Engineering Division. “The scalable DRIVE AGX computing platform will enable us to start with 360-degree surround perception, lane keeping and adaptive cruise control features, then move to platooning and, ultimately, highly automated and fully autonomous vehicles.”…

…Globally, there are now over 450 automakers, suppliers, truck makers, sensor manufacturers, software startups and mapping companies developing autonomous driving technology on the platform — more than 55 of which hail from Japan.

450 partners now. That’s a lot more than I recall they had before. Here’s what I posted 14 months ago:

During Q1 2018, the number of partners jumped from 60 to 170! What will that mean for revenues going forward? I think it’s likely that we will see revenues to the Automotive segment accelerate. Toyota is probably their largest partner right now but they are just one partner of 170. Players in the car industry usually add innovations that one player has introduced. If Toyota introduces level 2 autonomous driving into all their US and Japan cars then the other car makers will also. Their Xavier chip that will launch later this year will enable more applications and AI development; it should also contribute to further accelerate revenue growth for NVDA in the sector.

Now just look at that!! 170 partners in automotive 14 months ago and now 450 partners. The question is who is NOT working with NVDA in the automotive. If anyone still thinks that NVDA’s autonomous business segment isn’t going to start growing rapidly within the next couple of years might what to consider what these 450 partners are going to spend on AI brains for autonomous robots, vehicles, etc once their development work is done. I think it’s going to be pretty huge.




What an amazing set of announcements. I think this GTC May be the most impactful for Nvidia’s next few years than any other. At least since Volta.

Now we know the directions Turing will take us.

Here’s a good summary of all the announcements.


I think one of the biggest takeaways was that the Inference HyperscalRT T4 Platform can run multiple inferences on multiple Frameworks from multiple customers or sources using multiple applications on a single node. This is the holy grail of hyper scale Inference. FPGAs and ASICS can not do this, nor will they ever be able to.

And it’s fast, low latency, and 75W.

And also that the Xavier drive is coming pre trained on Drive Software 1.0 with many of the open source Deep neural networks necessary to drive.

Skynet’s been busy.

My cross post from NPI Huangzilla On a Rampage in Tokyo.


Exciting stuff. Sold PVTL bought more.



Good to see. Personally I think AI trucks will come much sooner than AI cars. My brother-in-law used to be in management at Roadway Express and he says the long haul trucking firms really, really want platooning because of a driver shortage that seems to not have any chance of closing up. People aren’t prepared to let a computer drive the car for them, but companies are willing to let them drive their trucks for them.