$NVDA Thoughts

After listening to portions of the $NVDA cc and reading some transcripts, here is what I’m thinking many of the new bears in $NVDA are missing:

Jensen has told us straight up that he is purposefully going to slow down production of the 30s chips, which means slower sales for about two more quarter until the new 40s flood the market.

I look at this move as a normal supply/demand move such as OPEC would perform on the price of oil.

The 30s coming out of former Ethereum mining rigs and which are flooding eBay and other second-hand re-sale sites are normalizing in the $700 per unit (down from what, $1500?).

If you think about $NVDA, they realize if they pump new 30s from the factory with this deluge of 30s from closing down Ethereum miners, the price would be harder to justify at $700 per chip.

This is a company I will buy into as soon as I feel the charts solidifying in favor of a bullish move.