NY & methane: "extraordinary costs"

The state’s final climate plan is based on measuring methane over a 20-year period. But a piece of legislation backed by Gov. Hochul and introduced by the legislative Energy Committee chairs, Sen. Kevin Parker and Assemblymember Didi Barrett, would change that (S.6030/A.6039). Instead, it would allow for methane to be measured over a 100-year period…

“We began running the numbers on that, based on some of the metrics being used by Washington state and some of our own, and revealed some…potentially extraordinary costs affiliated with the program,” [state DEC Commissioner] Seggos explained. “So that’s really what this is. It isn’t a focus necessarily on methane itself, or any particular pollutant. It is how do we implement the CLCPA in a way that doesn’t put extraordinary costs on the pockets of New Yorkers.”


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