Off-Topic Posts

I guess I just do not understand why we keep getting all this off-topic junk.

Macro-economics, market timing, moving into ETF’s, calling “bottoms” and other rubbish is clearly requested to be deemed off-topic and to be posted to other boards where the general readership may actually give a c$@p (sorry for the language) about those subjects.

Go over to the new paradigm, mechanical investing and other boards dedicated to those topics.

Stop wasting everyone’s time on this board.


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I believe a lot of the recent posts that you object are not necessarily off-topic. First of all, there is high interest among many people on this board as evidenced by the recommendations.

Second, the market is the ultimate judge on valuation of individual companies or an entire sector, if not long term, at least in the short to mid term. For example, the selloff may be the market’s message that growth rate projection in these companies should be set lower. That seems relevant to me. I think when building a projection model for these companies, it is prudent to use more conservative assumptions or consider multiple scenarios about future growth. This gives us margin of safety.

I am certainly revising my own valuation methodology given what the market is telling me.