What the problem is:

I’m really, really trying to not be difficult about this, but look: this board is meant to be about a single focus: investing in growth stocks! Subjects, like ETF’s, funds, investing strategies, retirement, dividend investing, REITs, etc etc, are all very valid subjects. That’s why there are boards devoted to them. However if one board becomes a board about 15 different subjects, anyone coming to that board has to sift through a huge pile of posts he’s not interested in to get to one post that’s on the subject he or she came to the board for. That’s the problem! As F1Fun so nicely put it in post 26300:

Every one of these topics has been discussed on this board though, and is appropriately asked to move on when it goes on too long. One reason this board has been successful in remaining valuable to so many is that Saul does enforce a policy which he has in writing to keep the board’s purpose on target. He doesn’t kill off topics until they have flourished for awhile and it is proper board management to point out when topics get off course and cause the board members to sift thru the day’s Off Topic postings.

So let’s try to keep threads on ETF’s and on investment strategy, like Star Search and The Real Meaning of Risk, to a short length and then either drop them or take them to an appropriate board. They were both interesting threads, with things to contribute, they both flourished for a while (to use F1Fun’s term), but they are both Off Topic. You guys know they are Off Topic, so let’s let them fade out.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.



I suggest changing the name of the group to something like “Saul’s Growth Stock Discussions.” And have a link to a definition of growth stock. I can see not talking here about waiting for a net-net stock to pop, but I wouldn’t want to rule out a discussion of a company like Gilead. And if a particular REIT is growing nicely, don’t leave that out, either.


Well Saul, since those are both threads I started …

  1. I’m new here, I didn’t know the focus was that strict. My bad.
  2. Maybe you should be the only one who’s allowed to begin a post.
  3. Trust me, it won’t happen again.

Sorry to rain on your parade. I wish you good fortune.

Dan, outta here