Oh the dividends: Brixmor

While I started buying 2017, I have kept 3 lots and often traded them, and did some covered call and puts. In this post I am looking at the original purchase and the dividends received so far to calculate the CAGR.


In between BRX suspended dividends for couple of quarters during 2020 and the dividend is yet to recover to the 2019, which was $1.12. BRX also went through a serious dislike by investors for shopping mall.

While the stock itself hasn’t appreciated much, dividends made a healthy CAGR possible.


Buffett in his latest later talks about dividends…

Berkshire completed its seven-year purchase of the 400 million shares of Coca-Cola we now own. The total cost was $1.3 billion – then a very meaningful sum at Berkshire. The cash dividend we received from Coke in 1994 was $75 million. By 2022, the dividend had increased to $704 million. … We expect that those checks are highly likely to grow.

American Express is much the same story. Berkshire’s purchases of Amex were essentially completed in 1995 and, coincidentally, also cost $1.3 billion. Annual dividends received from this investment have grown from $41 million to $302 million. Those checks, too, seem highly likely to increase. These dividend gains, though pleasing, are far from spectacular. But they bring with them important gains in stock prices.