Oil Change Advisors

The portfolio remains what it was prior to Friday with two exceptions:

  1. Changed my mind on ZS and added it back to the roster with a lower Bench level position.

2). I decided to add a second TB to ENPH. The first TB in the name is as seriously under water as any TB I have ever entered; so, I figured why not chunk a little more cash at it. Note: possibly my dumbest investing mistake of the month and I suppose time will tell.

Oil Change Advisors.

Have you noticed that, just like stock subscription services and self appointed stock gurus, there seems to be an oil changing franchise on every other corner? And thats a lot - although, I am sure they all do a fine job: both stock investing services and oil change places. That said, who in the world would want an oil change franchise amid the glut of them everywhere? However, that said, have you seen even one company that advises folks on whether they even need and oil change or what sort of oil their particular vehicle might need? Why…no…no you haven’t - and therein lies a vast and lucrative opportunity.

Oil Change Advisors is a completely new concept with massive profit potential. Franchise fees are relatively moderate, the field is wide open, and well located Oil Change Advisor offices should be well positioned to benefit for the need for this service. Here is how the Oil Change Advisor systems work:

Step 1) Pay the entirely reasonable Franchise fee - only $9,999K.

Step 2) Successfully complete the arduous two week Oil Change Advisors training course at Oil Change Advisors University. (There is a moderate training fee plus expenses needed to attend.)

Here are just a few of the professional techniques you will learn at Oil Change Advisor University:

  1. How to design your Oil Change Advisors store.

  2. How to tell if a customer needs an oil change.

  3. The two types of Oil: Real Motor Oil and Synthetic Motor Oil.

4). What oil is best for the customers vehicle. TIP: Privately call the oil change franchise and ask them. This eliminates costly computer equipment and time looking stuff up.

  1. Some other stuff.

Step 3) Locate your Oil Change Advisors franchise on a busy thoroughfare near an affluent neighborhood.

Note: This is where our oil changing experience and savvy business acumen puts you in prime position. Tip 2 - we advise locating your Oil Change Advisor office near actual oil changing franchises. Then using our key insider know-how you obtain a sweet referral fee deal when directing your customers to their location - BUT, only IF your customers actually need an oil change. We at Oil Change Advisors Corp believe that Character and Integrity come first.

Step 3) Set up a Grand Opening complete with a massive flyer mail out announcing the business complete with a first time visit charge of 50% off the regular price.

  1. Get ready to let the dollars roll in.

Yes - its really that simple.

Now…you may be asking yourself why no-one else has thought of this incredible business opportunity - or - what realistic profit potential may be attainable with a first of its kind Oil Change Advisors store in your city. Well - let’s buck that out.

In grade A cities we recommend charging $125 per customer and depending on how many employees you want to hire we project each well trained Oil Change Advisor employee can easily handle 35-40 customers a day. So let’s see: with only 2 employees thats 70-80 customers a day at $125 each which comes to $8750 per day. AND - if you yourself are driven to get ahead in this business and process another 30 or so a day while managing the business thats another $3,125 for a grand total of over $11K a day. My goodness! Perhaps the Oil Change Advisors Franchise fee should be raised to 25K; however, because Oil Change Advisors wants its Franchisees to be overwhelmingly successful (It’s all about YOUR financial well being and happiness) we are not going to do that.

Note: Keep in mind your daily take with just 100 or so customers a day is over $11K and thats before all those lucrative referral fees come in.

Please keep in mind that Oil Change Advisors is extremely limiting into who can qualify for our franchise. You must be motivated and have $9,999 for our Franchise Fee.

Remember: We train you how to tell if a customer needs an oil change - how to refer them to an oil change outlet - and how to negotiate referral fees. As one last sign of how thorough we have researched this business ourselves - we are aware that Franchisees may be making so much money that local banks might become suspicious. Well - we don’t want that; so, Oil Change Advisors has already drafted a professional letter - on official company letterhead - complete with the official Oil Change Advisor Logo, - that alerts them to the vast amount of profit you will be rolling through their bank.

Now you’re probably thinking that this has to be the maximum business opportunity ever offered - but wait, theirs more. Once you have mastered Oil Change Advisor and your store surpasses the $250,000 per month revenue threshold (Note: We admit this level is entirely difficult to meet and should take at least two months to attain - nonetheless, Oil Change Advisors must establish and maintain the highest of standards for its Franchisees. We offer you an incredible add-on profit platform for you franchise: Tire Pressure Advisors. I can’t tell you how excited we are about this add-on profit center but thats for another time.

For now - we think you should take the time to think through this opportunity exhaustedly and contact us tomorrow morning if you want in. The first 25 Franchisees will receive official Oil Change Advisor baseball caps with our revolving oil can attachment. Remember - the clock is ticking!

All the Best,


That reads like an advertisement. No, make that a sales pitch. Or, perhaps, something from The Onion? :sunglasses:

While I am sure there will be a major demand for oil changes long into the future, I feel obliged to point out that EVs (not hybrids) don’t need them, and the trend toward electrification is only growing.


Hi RHinCT:

Thanks for bringing EVs up.

We discussed this issue at length and decided that our EV customers would receive a 50% discount on their first and all subsequent visits.

All the Best,