Oil companies rolling in cash

Chevron said last week that it would in­crease its div­i­dend about 6%, and the com­pany raised its share-buy­back au­tho­riza-tion to $75 bil­lion. Exxon Mo­bil said Tues­day that it would re­pur­chase as much as $35 bil­lion of its own shares this year and next. For some per­spec­tive, the com­pa­nies’ com­bined share-re­pur­chase au­tho-riza­tions are enough to buy British oil com­pany BP.

Trying to remember who is was told me “the oil companies are going out of business, and soon!”

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Not soon but that $75 B and $35 B are interesting figures. Great of you to support the management. But it is transitory money not going to the investors for long.

Oil has a ways to drop.

Remember the less expensive fossil fuels get the more competitive alternatives get because they use fossil fuels.

Exploration was up a lot in 2022. Oil production is rising. High prices will do that and beget much lower prices.

Just a guess but perhaps it was someone that just bought a Tesla and is realizing he just made the biggest mistake of his life.


Timing is everything, but then we are told not to time the markets. Good thing some of us do not listen.

Why would it be the biggest mistake of his/her life?


How much is Tessy done from her high?

I get you got in at closer to fifty cents per share…etc…kidding…but many people have bought at over $300 per share.

I have no idea what you are talking about - someone mentioned buying a Tesla (presumably the car) was a bad decision (the biggest mistake of his life) - what has that got to do with an investment in Tesla?


My bad, a couple of us were talking valuations prior to that post. I did not see buy “a” Tesla. I was thinking buy the stock.