Seeing if the magic is still there

For several years, I put my entire IRA into oils in January/February, and sold around Memorial Day. Made about 20%/year doing that.

Took advantage of today’s panic and put some COP in the IRA.



In January looks good. I buy in late September. I have noted that it does go down in late December and then goes back up. Heck, last year it went up through June, July. I sold out about May. I have a firm time to buy, late September, but not to sell. After reading your post I think I’ll try to sell in December and then rebuy in February. Anyway, I have been buying Chevron and it has been working well. You say oil, what oil do you buy? What do you do with your money after you sell?

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Over the years, I have had positions in COP, XOM, CHV, MRO. After selling around Memorial Day, I usually stand aside. Sometimes I would buy again in late July, and ride them up to Labor Day, then sell again. The rise and fall of oil stocks, and media gas price hysteria, ran like clockwork during the early 2000s. COP was usually the best performer then, but that was before they spun off their R&M operations.