Oil Price ... holy feces!!!


WTI up US$5.65

WCS up $5.12

Just two banks in the red … less than 1% each, one of my gas producers watchlist guys with a potential pipeline to the east coast is up another 15% today … unfortunately no dividend so I won’t buy it.


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Meanwhile one of my large gas processors Pembina Pipeline (PPL-T) Yield (5.85%) has combined with KKR.



KKR, Pembina Pipeline combine Canadian gas assets in $11.4-billion deal

Combined company, dubbed ‘Newco’ for now, will have a foothold in northeast British Columbia, a basin with significant gas reserves

Author of the article:Bloomberg News
Bloomberg News
Anne Riley Moffat
Publishing date:Mar 01, 2022 • 52 minutes ago

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Again, one fleck of green in my IRA, Raytheon.

Topped up the VW a few weeks ago. Still have 3/4 of a tank. At this rate, I’ll not need to gas up for another month or more.

Steve…driving small is good