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Normally I’d leave this alone, but it encompasses two of the largest economic influences in the country right now: Taylor Swift - and the NFL. There are lots of threads here - monetary, political, sociological, and cultural. Besides that, it’s funny.


The Swift publicity machine seems perpetually stuck in overdrive. She must spend as much on “free” publicity, passed off as news, as Apple.

Meghan Markle is probably sitting at home, steaming, that Swift gets more attention than her.



The incindiary bomb? She’s telling her fans to vote.

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Washington Post says “Watch out Trump?” Par for the course.

Any idea how these entertainers influence covered calls?

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IMNSHO, yes, funny. The Rodman dig got a belly laugh (and I know bellies!).

YUGE increase in young voter registration.

Get them out to vote and I might be impressed.


Maybe you should be impressed.

She ran the same playbook in 2020 with similar registration results. She also told her fan base to get out and vote one day before Election Day. Results?

Young people had a major impact on the 2020 election. We recently estimated that [half of youth (ages 18-29) cast a ballot last November]—a remarkable 11-point increase over youth voter turnout in 2016.

In other news:

* White youth voted at a higher rate (61%) than young people of other races/ethnicities * Young white people have historically had higher turnout than Asian and Latino youth, Asian youth especially appear to be closing the gap * Young women (55%) voted at a higher rate than young men (44%), and that was true for every racial/ethnic group for which we have reliable data

So does this mean we’ll soon see gerrymandering by age as well as race?

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Easy: prohibit college students voting in the city where they are attending college, rather than their “home town”, and prohibit them voting absentee in their “home town”. They are probably mostly “wokies”, so disenfranchising them would skew the results.


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She bought some 14 mansions probably paid for by regional concerts as if she were in town to live it up.

In Watch Hill, RI she also bought the ice cream shop in town for a friend of hers if memory serves me right. When we were priced out of Watch Hill, we only missed the ice cream shop.

Those homes were better than staying at a hotel. They really cemented her as a fixture in each area of the country. Almost all the money is on tour dates.

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While I’m sure that’s been thought of, I wonder about the legality. The students are spending more than half the year in a location. They’re paying rent, one way or another. They’re eating every day. Why would they not be able to vote where they live, even if that posting is somewhat temporary?

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Keep in mind, the objective is to prevent “wokies” voting. Younger are more likely to be “woke”, hence Neuromancer’s comment about gerrymandering by age. Obstructing college students voting gerrymanders by both age and education. It has nothing to do with democracy, or fairness, or common sense. Similar efforts include eliminating most of the polling places in “woke” areas, or arranging for those, polling places to be mysteriously short of voting machines", as happened in Toledo and Cleveland in 2004.



There is no need to jerry mander by age. We have Florida.

Seriously if a state other than a retirement state like FL or AZ were to jerry mander by age as the aged population died out the district would possibly be forever after flipped. It is a bad strategy.