OK, it's getting warmer...

…and it’s time for me to spend more time “outside”.

(*memories of Mom saying/yelling "GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!*)

The garden is coming along, so far. We did get ~7yds of compost delivered; removed soil and top dressed this years growing beds. Hope for better yields than the last few previous years.

So, the 'puter will be off for most of the summer. TMF will be in the rear-view… if you know how to reach me and need to…



Too hot down here, 91° at the moment… Nope, stay in until the evening coastal breeze rolls on…

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Say it isn’t so PL. Where am I going to get my chuckles from?

As for yard work, the weeds are growing nicely and the deer are doing their job munching on them ever so slowly. Eventually when it dries out here, I’ll do my weed killing spray……the mulched borders are unsightly. I can dig them out only so much, my back is sensitive.

You at least will have to show pic’s of your garden of your poodles running around it. :slight_smile:

Have fun!

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