Wisconsin Weather

I can’t remember the past month of April in Wisconsin being as cold and overall not nice weather in years.
Hopefully the month of May will bring us nicer weather. The forecast so far will be in the 60’S by the end of the week. I’ll take it.

Mid 70’s and low humidity is what I like.

I hope the weather turns soon. We have had basically okay weather for the last few weeks. Highs in the 50s and a few 60s, a mix of sun and rain. One Sunday it was 78 and sunny. That ended the daffodil and tulip run, which had been going strong, but made for a nice day to have lunch outside. We have another few weeks until mosquito season starts. That’ll drive me indoors until the first frost.

ThyPeace, almost willing to spray the yard for those nuisances.

Looking forward to those 60s temps. Thinking about heading up to Copper Falls SP for a hike.

Next week mid 70’s.
Weather is turning nice, finally. Enjoy your hike.

I had to look up Copper Falls to see where it is. Though I’ve spent lots of time in central Wisconsin and along the Lake Michigan shore, I haven’t spent much time in northern Wisconsin at all. It looks great.

ThyPeace, someday will explore… not today though.