Okta: Businesses at Work 2018

I’ve been traveling a lot, so I’m behind on doing my own earnings reviews. I’m working on Okta’s now and found this incredible Businesses at Work report on their Investor Relations site:

I’m pointing this out because their report offers some great insight into the breadth of Okta’s security reach, but also which tools, apps, platforms, etc are most popular with enterprises. This might offer some investment take aways.

Here’s a synopses of the report from Okta’s website.

“Welcome to our January 2018 annual Businesses @ Work Report! Businesses @ Work does just what its name implies: it examines how organizations, along with the people who work for and with these organizations, get work done. We analyze our data and identify key trends on an annual basis; you can also find the most popular apps and fastest growing apps charts updated quarterly on our Businesses @ Work Dashboard.”

Most Popular Apps of 2017 (among Okta customers):
Office 365 has been the most popular app suite based on number of customers since January 2015.
The lead in Office 365 monthly active users, which grew 92% in the past year is even more notable.

In Okta’s network, Google has been adding G Suite customers faster than Microsoft has been adding Office 365 customers over the past 3 months, 6 months and even the last 12 months.

G Suite grew its customer base 49% this past year, compared to Office 365 which grew 40%.

Here’s a really interesting take on the difference between monthly active user and customer popularity. Basically, apps that are applied enterprise wide (Workday and Servicenow) have many more active users than apps that are department specific (AWS and DocuSign). I’m not sure what the takeaway is here. There’s certainly an opportunity customer concentration risk with enterprise wide applications, but at the same time, they might be “stickier”

From Okta’s report:

"Wall-to-wall business apps like Workday and ServiceNow are much more “popular” based on number of monthly active users (2nd and 3rd most popular apps, respectively) than they are based on the number of customers using these apps.

Conversely, AWS and DocuSign are the 3rd and 9th most popular apps in our network respectively, based on number of customers, yet they don’t make the top 15 based on number of monthly active users. This is likely because they are often accessed by a limited number of departments with an organization."

Here’s a really interesting note about JIRA, a project planning/collaboration app from Atlassian (TEAM). We use it at my firm as do many of our clients, but I didn’t realize it is so widespread.

“Today, 47% of our global customer base is using at least one developer tool. JIRA is, far and away, the most popular developer tool among our global customers who are using dev tools. 48% of these Okta customers are using JIRA. Our data”

In 2017, Paypal was the most popular banking app…Square Cash isn’t even on the list. I bet for 2018 (as we’ve all seen) Square Cash jumps to #1.

This is a great point to why innovators can’t be valued properly…who knows what their next huge product will be?

Lot’s more great data in the report. I recommend checking it out. If nothing else, it helped me visualize what the heck is going on with all this crazy tech stuff.


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