Okta's SaaS report is out

Okta’s annual Businesses at Work report is out covering the weird 2020.

This is a great report to see the usage trends in the top enterprise SaaS services, which also tend to fill our portfolios.


Amazing how Microsoft dominated and is now accelerating its overall lead in enterprise SaaS. Looking at what other tools are used (near the bottom of my report) is also quite illuminating - Slack stalled while Zoom is heavily preferred over Teams. A certain file sharing service is getting boxed out by OneDrive.

ZM and DOCU moved up the Most Used significantly.

SNOW still appears in Fastest Growing, as Zoom finally fell off that list.

Fun stuff. Dive into the raw report here: https://www.okta.com/businesses-at-work/2021/#2020-most-popu…



Hi Muji-
Thanks for the post. I’ve remained bullish on Zoom and read your https://hhhypergrowth.com/ email notes carefully.

"First thing I notice is that Zoom finally fell off this list, dropping from 10th to 15th.
Of course, it’s multi-year appearance on this list ultimately had to end.

But Zoom is “moving up the charts” on the Most Popular Apps as just mentioned above, as it continues to grow faster than the other top services – but it is no longer “the fastest growing”.
(I thought it might still be on this list considering it had 110% growth in one month in the May report.)

As a testiment to how dominate it remains, in the EMEA region alone, Zoom is still the fasting growing app, with an stellar 227% growth in unique users. "

On the next call if Zoom can show exceptional international growth as well as solid domestic enterprise expansion, IMO the share price should rebound significantly.