OKTA COO Interview

Great interview w/ an impressive COO of OKTA Frederic Kerrest with TMF Co-Founder Tom Gardner and TMF Advisor Bill Mann.

Was worth the 1 hour investment in time. Note, access requires a subscription to either TMF Rule Breakers or Stock Advisor.

Out of respect for TMF’s content, I’ll leave it at “impressive interview.”



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My apologies. I see that on 4/15 TMF Buffjan posted this same article along with a nice summary of highlights from the interview.

For those of you without a TMF Rule Breaker or Stock Advisor subscription, TMFBuffjan also posted a link that does not require a subscription, which is included below.

Written Summary of Interview by TMFBuffjan

Link to interview



Tom Gardner asks the $64,000 question: “Why 8,000 customers? Why not 800 or 80,000 customers?”

A lot of Saul companies were founded by salesforce (CRM) alumni and they are enterprise oriented. Zoom even said that they don’t want retail customers. Frederic Kerrest replied that they currently focus on enterprise but, to his credit, he did say that in the future they might also focus on retail.

One thing I learned from retail is that there are more poor people than rich and that they are a terrific market. Looking at high tech, the top companies by market CAP cater to retail:

**Company        M-CAP** 
Microsoft      1,320
Apple          1,208
Amazon         1.177
Google           867
Facebook         520
Netflix          185

Cisco            177
Oracle           165
Salesforce       138

This is why I’m liking Zoom so much and I sure hope they learn to love their retail customers.

Denny Schlesinger