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How about a shallow dip with an Okta news roundup:

Momentum Stocks to Buy on the Rebound
These rebounding momentum stocks have ample firepower to keep breaking out
Nov 26, 2019
OKTA stock should continue to rebound for three big reasons.

1. First, Okta is a big growth company with strong long-term fundamentals…
Okta is outfitting each member in an enterprise ecosystem with personalized “armor,” under the idea that if each individual is protected, so is the entire ecosystem…

Okta calls this new method the Identity Cloud. This Identity Cloud is surging in popularity, because it improves enterprise flexibility, mobility and convenience, without compromising on security integrity…

2. Second, the valuation on OKTA stock isn’t stretched.

3. Third, the optics are improving. Specifically, capital spending trends are rebounding, and Okta’s revenues come from the capital spending well…

Tough to verify that statement, " capital spending trends are rebounding ".

Some reports say that IT spending will increase into 2020 while others say it will stay flat.
However, All of these reports see an increased spending in
Cloud applications,
Cloud infrastructure
Data Analytics and


The co-founders at Okta worked at Salesforce.

Okta Stock Is About More Than Just the Cloud
OKTA has been expanding its platform into areas like hybrid environments
Nov 18, 2019

The day after Okta’s (NASDAQ:OKTA) earnings call in early June, I talked to the company’s co-founder and chief operating officer, Frederic Kerrest. We had a good conversation about creating a multi-billion dollar software company.

Over the years, OKTA has definitely made a lot of good moves. Frederic and his co-founder, Todd McKinnon, saw that the cloud would be a mega-trend and that businesses would needsoftware to help manage their cloud apps. It certainly helped that, prior to launching OKTA, both men worked at Salesforce.com (NYSE:CRM) and saw the challenges that company had faced…

It’s a mistake to consider OKTA a pure cloud player. The company has, quite intelligently, broadened its product offerings to handle hybrid environments.

Another one of OKTA’s advantages is that it offers multiple products, which leads to increased monetization.

Land and expand !!

When it comes to access management, OKTA is the gold standard. Consider that research firm Gartner has identified the company as the leader of the category.

OKTA’s strategy of focusing mostly on large enterprises makes a great deal of sense.


On the Okta board of directors we find:
Michelle Wilson has been a director of Zendesk, Inc.
Mike Kourey is currently the Chief Financial Officer at Vlocity
Mike Stankey is the vice chairman at Workday,
Ms. Archambeau is the former Chief Executive Officer of MetricStream, Inc. , Loudcloud, Inc., and Chief Marketing Officer of NorthPoint Communications.

Okta reports this week on December 5th after the Close of the Market.

Here is a bears view … these bearish views seem to come off weak to me as they focus on valuation and comparisons to other company valuations.:

Be Careful with Overvalued Okta Stock Ahead of Earnings
The Q3 release is a potentially negative catalyst for Okta stock
Nov 21, 2019

To be fair, it may be that the sell-off in growth stocks is fading. Several of OKTA’s peers (at least in terms of valuation) have bounced. And DDOG stock actually soared after earnings last week, gaining 17% and returning to post-earnings highs.

The hope here would be that the OKTA follows a similar playbook. A post-earnings bounce could target the $140 levels at which shares traded in late July. Coincidentally or not, a return to those highs would be a 17% gain — right in line with what DDOG delivered last week…

Hedge Funds Have Never Been This Bullish On Okta, Inc. (OKTA)
November 28, 2019

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