On Bert: I just have to come back to this

I’m sorry, but I just have to come back to this.

I just can’t get over people wondering whether Bert’s newsletter is worth it. Here’s a little story:

I had been in and out of little positions in Twilio, and was long out of it, and had forgotten all about it, by last December. Then Bert, who had been negative about it before it took its big fall in 2017 (the fall being due to Uber exiting), wrote a very positive write-up in December pointing out that excluding Uber, Twilio was growing revenue by 63%. It was hidden hyper growth. He told his subscribers shortly afterward that he had taken a position. I took a position in January at $25.70.

Bert wrote another very strong recommendation in February calling Twilio a real hyper-growth company building a great moat, and pointing out that it is selling larger deals which are at margins reflecting the size of the commitments customers are making, and that what appears to be a decline in gross margins is nothing of the kind, but more the evolution of a company which had previously primarily sold very small deals to developers, to a company selling much larger deals to enterprises. I kept adding all along. Bert wrote another review of Twilio in April, another in May, and another in August.

Now, from my initial position this January at $25.70, Twilio has grown to $77.49 at Friday’s close. That’s up more than 200% in seven months. Over a triple! Do you realize what that means in dollars. Twilio is now, with Alteryx, one of my big two positions, at over 15% of my portfolio. And for all that service… I paid all of something like $250 a year for a subscription! Just $250! That subscription has to have been the best deal I have ever found in the stock market. And that doesn’t even take into account Alteryx, Nutanix, and all the rest, as well as Bert’s almost daily info posts for his subscribers. My opinion, anyway, and remember that, like me, Bert can be wrong at times too.




Hi Saul,

Bert has different levels, Basic and Premium, and differt freqencies, weekly, monthly etc. which do you use?

Thanks for your thoughtful, considerate, and astute posts.



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which do you use?

He pretty much told us that in his post. Reread and decide.

He actually didn’t tell us, but I can guess from the $250 subscription fee that he is a Basic member.


Pretty sure Saul uses Bert’s posts on individual stocks, not so much his 2 portfolios.

The Wonderer

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Saul said this in a previous post a few weeks ago.

He uses Basic. Basic will get you all of his recommendations and write-ups, and he will definitely still respond to you if you have questions.

Premium is more about how to build a portfolio, different allocations, etc. Saul does this on his own so he doesn’t need this aspect of the service.



Whatever value that Bert brings, it is but spit in the wind vs what you have benefited by Saul’s guidance and The Motley Fool’s platform to crowdsource stocks of all kinds.

The Rulebreakers has produced some amazing stock multiples the past couple years as well if you were selective.

I will also go on record that the NPI is the best pure stock analysis/critique site bar none…different flavor from here but you still have many of the NPI regulars that come here from time to time…please do not go there.

But lest you gloss over the real value that TMF brings you…just let the above sink in for just a moment…and realize you are getting this board for free???..that is practically lunacy.


Got it. Thanks


The Rulebreakers has produced some amazing stock multiples the past couple years as well if you were selective.

You are very right, Duma. For example, I got into Shopify two years ago when either Rule Breakers or MF Stock Advisor recommended it two months in a row (don’t remember which as I subscribe to both), and it was up over 500% now when I sold it. 500% pays for many years of subscriptions.