Interview with Bert..

Podcast in which interviewer reviews his background history with him ( and IMHO, professionally leaves out any black marks). Bert is easy to listen to with clarity. His writing is top class.

Covers many Stocks of interest to board, NTNX and Zs, in first 15 minutes. Twilio later on.

Worth a listen! Happy in subscribing to his newsletter, which took me about 5 seconds upon Saul’s mention 3-4 months ago, proving the minuscule dollar for Bert’s service assisted in gains on Twilio equal to decades (or a hundreds years?) of said subscription. (Thanks Saul!)…


Also, appreciate and agree with Ant’s and Tex on SQ being a superior investment to Paypal. Good stuff.


The original page source is here. Please, don’t use direct download links. It’s not fair to the content producer (and as far as I know, a fellow board member).…